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Many changes took place at the National and international horizon in 1990:
Political alliances remained setting up and splitting off,
Murders, killings and tension continued to disturb the national atmosphere,
Colonial powers had sharpened their efforts to promote and fan prejudices and biases,
Senate, the upper house approved the sectarian private Shariat Bill that was given birth by dictatorship,
Freedom movement in held Kashmir rose up with new spirit and passion,
Benazir govt. that was established after eleven years of dictatorship came to an end,
Iraq occupied Kuwait and American army entered the Saudi-Arabia on Aal-e-Saud's invitation,
Mr.Nawaz Sharif was elected prime Minister in Pakistan as a result of election,
How the TNFJ under the discerning leadership of Agha Moosavi faced the challenges confronting the nation? How it saved national identity? And what strategy was adopted by it for the protection of Pakistan's ideology and its faith and beliefs? How it raised its voice about the dangers and problems confronting Muslim Ummah and what were the activities of TNFJ during this year? All is as under:

A tripartite political alliance was set up on 10th of January, which was termed as a great conspiracy against Pakistan and its basic ideology by a session of TNFJ held on 11th of January. The session made it clear that TNFJ is a purely religious organization and Millat-e-Jafariya cannot be a party in such an alliance that is based on sectarianism. Agha Moosavi addressed the session in these words:

"No one could be permitted to make Pakistan a sectarian state during my life. And any attempt by any participant of any alliance to support the imposition of a certain sect's ideology and public law instead of Islam's, will be fully opposed''.

A 28-year-old hindu young man Chanderban embraced Islam on the hands of Agha Moosavi. Afterwards his wife and kid also adopted Islamic faith. Agha Moosavi named him Nasir Ali, his wife Umme-Habiba and his son Jawwad Haider. He taught him Usool and Faroo of Din-e-Haq and advised him to spend his life in accordance with the teaching of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH&HP) and Aal-e-Muhammad (A.S).

Solidarity day with oppressed was observed through out the country including Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas to support the oppressed including held Kashmir's and Azer-Bijan's at the appeal of Agha Moosavi on 2nd of February.

Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi, chief of Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya Pakistan visited Tala Gang on February 9. The important dignitaries of the city and the members of religious and matami organizations warmly welcomed him. There he addressed in Hussaini Imambargah to a grand public meeting in connection with Youm-e-Ali (A.S) Ali day. He said:

"We will not accept any sectarian Shariat Bill or law except the implementation of Mustafawi and Murtazawi Shariat in Pakistan. Any conspiracy against Azadari-e-Hussain (A.S) will be crushed. Today hypocrites are babbling about the system and destiny of country. Some newborn politicians and political parties, who are trying to gain popularity after their failure in elections 88, are the main reason of disturbance, confusion and bad situation of law and order. TNFJ is the only representative organization of Shia School of thought and only thing it stood for is to achieve its religious rights. Any one using the name of sect as a step for power achievements would not succeed. Shariat Bill has died a natural death owing to public pressure and TNFJ opposition. Those who bred at martial law administration are demanding the implementation of sectarian general law in Pakistan all over again in spite of restoration of democratic institutions. We have not accepted the General Zia-ul-Haq who prolonged his martial law in the name of Islam, then how could we accept his general law. We will not bear any one's interference in our religious matters. Only that general law will be acceptable which allow every school of thought to perform its affairs in accordance with respective fiqh. Politics is not prohibited for us but politics in obeys to Islamic thought."

Participants of the grand meeting assured Agha Moosavi every type of their cooperation and sacrifice. Agha Moosavi also addressed a press conference in Tala Gang at the residence of Malik Wajid Ali. He said: " Incidents of terrorism in Karachi are a pre-planned conspiracy of our eternal enemy who wants to drive back the world attention from Kashmir issue. Muslims should be careful of these conspiracies. They should have to show their unity and solidarity so that racial and sectarian disturbances which are creation of long period martial law, could come to an end." Criticizing tripartite alliance he said: "using the name of Islam as a step for political achievement is a heinous conspiracy against the nation which will be vigorously crushed."

On 26th of February Agha Moosavi addressed a press conference at TNFJ Headquarter, Ali Masjid in Rawalpindi and expressed his viewpoint regarding important national issues. He stated: "At the time of establishment of Pakistan Muslims of sub-continent were confident that here, in this state there will be religious, economic and political freedom and all schools of thought will enjoy their rights on equal basis. Therefore, Quaid-e-Azam said about the system of govt. in Pakistan "a system based on the Islamic principles of justice and equality will be enforced in this state". But unfortunately after the death of Quaid-e-Azam the rulers and politicians due to their own mistakes and strife among themselves, crushed the democracy and provided an opportunity to military adventurers who left no deficiency in spoiling the nation and country. The dictator who imposed last martial law, involved the nation in different kinds of biases just for the continuance of his rule and when after the 11 years of martial law period, democracy was restored with great difficulty through elections 88, those who were given birth and brought up by martial law, again caused bloodshed in different provinces and named them sectarian, lingual and racial clashes".

Agha Moosavi also suggested few steps for the prosperity of democracy and integrity of the country:
-Every action of causing hatred among Muslims should be termed as an offence.
-All schools of thought should be honoured; their place of worship should be protected and terming anyone, belonging to a recognized Muslim sect, should be considered liable to punishment.
-Strife between the centre and provinces should come to an end.
-The rulers, politicians and press should stand by the side of truth and justice.

On March 9 TNFJ protested over the armed attacks on places of worship by mischievous elements that also disgraced and burned the Holy Quran and other sacred articles in different cities of Punjab including Jhang and Dera Gazi Khan. The kidnap and murder of five innocent shias in Gilgit was also condemned and it was made clear that Shias are Patriotic and peaceful citizens and any conspiracy against national safety and Shia's beliefs will be trampled.

TNFJ presented its viewpoint about Kashmir issue in a session presided over by Prime Minister of Pakistan on 11th of March in Prime Minister secretariat, Islamabad:

Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan, Ministers and the Participants Assalam o Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu

It is a very remarkable progress that the elected Prime Minister of Pakistan has called upon this meeting to understand the opinion of public representatives outside government. We deemed our participation in it necessary, as it is a positive step taken by honourable prime minister for the prosperity of democratic thinking.

It's a great pleasure for me that as a special representative of Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi, chief of Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya Pakistan (TNFJ), I'm here to express the feelings of Millat-e-Jafariya about Kashmir issue.

TNFJ is a purely religious organization and we consider politics in obeys to Islamic thought. Kashmir is such a significant and momentous issue of our national history that we cannot keep ourselves away from this matter at this critical moment. Being a Pakistani, Kashmir issue is important like jugular vein for us. And many shiaan-e-Haider-e-Karrar are sacrificing their lives in Indian Occupied Kashmir. We, therefore, present sincere and neutral recommendations owing to this belief that it will be put under full consideration as national integrity, prosperity, progress, stability and Islamic strength rest on it.

It is a fact that by awakening and shaking the nation's consciousness, by unifying its strength and by providing it a true leadership slavery chains be broken and Pakistan comes in to existence, 2000 years old monarchy departs from Iran, USSR drives back from Afghanistan while unshakable bars of Marxism and aversion in Russia and Eastern Germany are demolished. Then isn't it possible that people of Indian held Kashmir who are sacrificing for the achievement of their freedom could break the chains of Indian aggression if Pakistani nation gets united?

Today Kashmir is burning and entangled in blood. Indian army is slaughtering our brothers there. Isn't it our responsibility to strengthen and back them up and become an iron nation against our eternal foe? Today Kashmir has become a question and we have to answer it. So, when our Kashmiri brothers want our full support and cooperation, should we adopt silence and lose this opportunity? But before fighting against the external enemy we have to check the heinous war of sectarian biases, provincial and regional hatred ness, political cruelties, strife between centre and provinces on internal level. We have to organize this nation on permanent and strong bases as issue of Kashmir has made it much important.

We are the heirs of that holy war announced by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H &H.P.) in the battlefield of Badar against falsehood. We are the guardians of Karbala's bold and courageous traditions for the obliteration of oppression and tyranny by following the example of Imam Hussain (A.S) the grand son of Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.&H.P). That's why we are ready to lay down our lives against cruelty, injustice and oppression and Inshaallah Alam (the flag) of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H &H.P) and Zulfiqar (the Sword) of Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib (A.S) will remain in our hands.

We think that to take immediate action on internal and external levels as a fulfillment of our national responsibility on Kashmir issue is the need of time. On external level, govt. should serve all its resources in strengthening the world opinion for the right of self-determination of Kashmiris by using its international relations. And this has already been initiated by the honourable P.M. we suggest that this procedure should continue until satisfactory results be obtained. It is also necessary to awake the democratic consciousness of the world. Kashmir is a political issue and demands political solution.

On internal level we cannot defeat our enemy but with unity in our ranks.

For the prosperity of national integrity and unity and the eradication of mischievous activities gout should take the following bold measures: -
A law should be made to root out the sectarianism according to which terming any recognized Islamic sect, as Kafir should be punishable. -
Regional identity should come to an end for the elimination of provincial biases and regional hatred ness. -
It is necessary for the betterment of state's economic condition that industrial progress of the country should move forward so to provide poor and unemployed Pakistanis opportunities of employment. -
Such changes should be made in our education policy, which provide the country skilful, and professional people. -
Women who are about 50% of the country population should be given equal opportunities according to the Islamic principles. -
Immediate steps should be taken to end the strife between center and provinces. -
Public problems should be solved locally. -
Effective practical measures should be taken to discourage goondaism, heroin and klechenkov culture. -
All citizens of Pakistan should be given their rights.

No doubts, these steps shall cause national stability and integrity and the democratic govt. shall succeed in solving all problems including Kashmir from time to time. We assured you that Millat-e-Jafariya would support the positive steps of govt. in this regard.
Wassalam-o-Alaikum Warahmatullah Wa Baraktuhu
Brigadier (Retd) Syed Shabbir Ali Khan
Secretary General,
TNFJ Pakistan

Imam-e-Zamana day was observed through out the country including Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas on March 13. On this auspicious occasion Agha Moosavi in his special message said:

"Hadiyaan-e-Haq (Sinless religious leaders), Aaimmah, are the real guardians and protectors of Islam and Muhammadan shariat, who never bow their head before evil and opposed all types of oppression and tyranny. Recent problems, disturbances, social wrongs, evils and exploitation of humanity are the signs of appearance of Haq and nearness of resurrection day. Muslims should transform their lives according to golden principles of Islam instead of promoting religious hatred. Following the footstep of Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.&H.P) and Aale-Muhammad (A.S) is a guarantee of success in this world and the here after".

Mukhtar Students organization (M.S.O) Rawalpindi city arranged "Azmat-e-Ahle Bait (greatness and supremacy of Ahle Bait) conference.

Syed Qamer Haider Zaidi, Secretary information TNFJ wrote a letter to the editors of national newspapers:

Salam Masnoon

It is an admitted fact that Pakistan came into being with the joint efforts and sacrifices of Shia and Sunni brothers---the two recognized Islamic schools of thought, so that they could live there according to their faith and beliefs. But it is regrettable that a certain clique, an eternal opponent of Pakistan movement and establishment, is busy in its evil designs against Pakistan. These anti state elements are promoting hatred and provocation by fanning sectarianism through wall chalking and delivering speeches, the direct target of which are Shia Muslims. A true Muslim who is also a patriotic citizen cannot bear and like the slogans of "Shia Kafir". Agha Moosavi, Chief of TNFJ has said aright in this sensitive situation that "those who are raising the slogans of 'Shia kafir'if they got the same responding slogans against them, then who will be left Muslim in Pakistan.

Rulers, politicians and press should fulfil their duty in this regard. It is very painful that your esteemed paper publishes the articles and editorials about national and international issues but it never raised a voice against this cruelty that terming the followers of Islam as Kafir is not only non-Islamic but also anti human act. Our question is under what measures of expedience you have ignored this important issue. If you will not do justice to your pen in this sensitive situation we will be justified in considering that you are in favour of this situation. We hope you will stand by the side of Haq.

Your sincerely,
Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi
Central Secretary information
TNFJ Pakistan

Agha Moosavi, chief of TNFJ appealed to the nation and politicians to end their differences and work for the integrity, stability and prosperity of the country with mutual understanding which would lead to the achievement of objective to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state. He was addressing an Iftar Dinner being arranged for journalists by TNFJ at the TNFJ headquarter in Rawalpindi. Agha Moosavi said: "Country faced many problems during the eleven years of dictatorship and the incidents of violence in different parts of the country under the name of sectarianism and racialism are the gifts of martial law regime. The elected govt. should take bold steps to control such incidents. He said that no Muslim could bear the disgrace of holy places of worship. It is the responsibility of govt. to take stern action against the elements that disgraced the holy places. People want their problems to be solved. Those who are busy in conspiracies of making room for martial law and laying down the national security just for their political achievements are in fact foreign agents". Agha Moosavi on this occasion announced that Juma-tul-Wida would be observed throughout the country as youm ul Quds (Al Quds day) to express solidarity with oppressed, facing cruelties in the whole world. He appealed to the press and national leaders to play a positive role for the prosperity, solidarity and integrity of the country. All schools of thought should respect the beliefs and ideologies of each other. Agha Moosavi demanded that every action of causing hatred among Muslims should be termed as an offense.

Al Quds day was observed throughout the country including Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas as declared by Agha Moosavi. USTAD Ali ANSARI, Hizb-e-Islami representative while addressing the participants of Al Quds day's procession in Rawalpindi said: "Al-Quds is a problem of whole Muslim world". Mr. Shabbir Ali Khan, the Seceretary General of TNFJ addressed in these words: "Muslim rulers should adopt a joint strategy wand take bold steps for the solution of all problems including Al-Quds.

TNFJ staged protest demonstrations in connection with youm-e-Inhadame-Janna-tul- Baqee (Jannatul Baqee demolition day). The protestors demanded that control of Makkah and Medina be put in charge of a joint board of Islamic countries, and the leaders of Islamic countries to get the sanctity of these holy places restored spending all their energies on reconstruction of Janna-tul-Baqee and Janna-tul-Mu'alla.

On 13th of May Shariat Bill received the approval of senate---the upper house.

On May 20 a telegram was sent by Agha Moosavi, chief of TNFJ to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Chairman Senate and speaker National Assembly against the approval of private Shariat Bill by Senate. It was made clear in the telegram that Millat-e-Jafariya Pakistan will not, in any case accept any legislation contrary to their religious beliefs.

On its approval by senate, Agha Moosavi expressed his reaction while addressing the TNFJ high command and emergency meeting. He stated: "Approval of controversial Shariat Bill, the souvenir of dictator ship period, by Senate the upper house has caused harm to the credit of this National Institution and also created the impression that Senate is house of only one particular sect not of whole nation's. We have made clear our viewpoint to the govt about the implementation of shariat in the country that Shia community will not accept any law based on sectarianism and contrary to their (Shia's) religious beliefs and rights. Controversial shariat bill could not be implemented in Pakistan and for this purpose we will not hesitate to sacrifice even our lives. The best way of enforcing Shariat-e-Muhammadi in country is that govt should provide equal rights to all Muslims belonging to different schools of thought according to their respective Fiqh. This controversial shaniat bill would spark off an unending strife and confusion in the country pakistan came into being with joint efforts and sacrifices of all Muslims (shia & sunni) so, only such system should be implemented here which is acceptable to all schools of thought".

Approval of Shariat bill by senate at such a stage when the country is facing with law and order situation internally and sensitive situation at notional borders was termed as a preplanned conspiracy of anti-state elements, in the meeting.

A special committee consisting of central representatives of TNFJ was also formed in the meeting to inform TNFJ's viewpoint regarding shariat bill to central govt and the members of National Assembly.

The central cabinet of TNFJ took serious notice of the absence of some responsible persons of govt from Senate at the time of Shariat Bill's approval and the eagerness of a senator belonging to Sindh for its adoption. It expressed concern over the silence of the representatives of ruling party present in senate at the time of its approval. It held the central govt. responsible for the present situation. Meeting lamented over the publication of articles and editorials in favour of shariat bill in some newspapers.

High command of TNFJ totally rejected the bill and stressed upon the MNAs to oppose Shariat Bill based on sectarianism and the objective of which is to make Pakistan a state of an individual fiqh.

A resolution adopted in the meeting called upon the govt. to stop oppression over shias in different cities of Punjab including Jhang, compensate their damages, arrest the murderers of shia victims in Jhang and Behra so to suffer for their evil deeds and release all shia prisoners and with draw cases settled against them.

In another resolution, Indian aggression in occupied Kashmir was strongly condemned and it was made clear that shian-e-Haider-e-Karrar would not hesitate to offer their lives in case of any cruelty.

Agha Moosavi addressed the annual Majlis-e-Aza at the shrine of Hazrat Bari Imam situated in Islamabad. Hazrat Abdul Latif Kazmi Al-Mash'hadi known as Bari Imam is one of those great persons of Allah who spread and preached Islam in Indo-Pak (sub-continent). He converted millions of people to Islam. Today millions of desirous of mystic knowledge get benefit from this great source of spiritual ness by attending his grave situated in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Agah Moosavi chief of TNFJ belongs to the great family of Hazrat Bari Imam. Ahga Moosavi addresses annually to the millions of participants (sunnis & shias) of Majlis-e-Aza on the occasion of Urs (the death anniversary) of Bari Imam. Zuljinnah procession is also brought out after Majlis-e-Aza.

While addressing to the grand public meeting Agha Moosavi said: "Implementation of a particular sect's belief in the country is against the basic ideology of Pakistan. Islam could not be implemented through private Shariat Bill. It is a conspiracy of promoting sectarianism and imposing fiqh of a specific school of thought. MNAs should reject this sectarian shariat Bill otherwise they well be rejected by public. Congress leaders are the chiefs of sectarian and lingual disturbances in Punjab. Government has failed in maintaining law and order in the country. It should take stern action against inefficient administrative officers and anti-peace elements. Politicians, rulers and people should work with devotion and enthusiasm for the prosperity and integrity of the country".

In June Agha Moosavi, chief of TNFJ announced the new central cabinet of TNFJ:

Allama Tajuddin Haidery (Gujranwala) was appointed as vice president, syed Mazhar Ali Shah advocate (Kohat) as secretary general, Syed Shuja'at Ali Bukhari (Islamabad) as additional secretary general, Syed Muhammad Ali Shah (Rawalpindi) as secretary Azadari, Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi as Secretary Information, Raja Jahandad Khan as Secretary finance while Saeed Rizvi (Peshawar) was appointed as secretary public relations.

Calamitous earthquake hit North Western Iran on 21st of June. In this connection Majalis-e-Taraheem were held to commemorate the victims of earthquake on the appeal of Ahgh Moosavi. Relief camps were also established in different places and cities while medicines and other necessaries were sent to the Iranian Brothers from TNFJ.

Moharram-ul-Haram (Ayyaam-e-Aza, the mourning days to commemorate Imam Hussain (A.S)'s martyrdom) was observed with religious fervor and devotion.

In August 1990 Benazir govt. was dismissed.

Syed Mazhar Ali Shah advocate, secretary general TNFJ while addressing the workers and members of TNFJ in Peshawar said: "Saudi Govt. is violating Quranic orders by depending upon the Jews for the protection of Kaaba. So-called khadim-e-Haramyn, Sharifyn is providing an opportunity to Jews to hold their control over this Holy place and this would create a great difficulty for Muslims. Jewish occupation on Al-Quds is already a great challenge for Muslim world".

He urged the workers to maintain unity in their ranks. He reiterated that shia community will resist the implementation of controversial Shariat Bill.

In September the delegations of Peshawar, Karachi, Khanewal, Khairpur Meeras & Hyderabad were addresed by Agha Moosavi. He said that the achievement of religious rights of Shian-e-Haider-e-Karrar in Pakistan is our goal. Neither had we any lust of power nor did any political motives. The only thing we stood for is protection and flourishing of our belief and fiqha. And for this purpose we are ready to face any difficulty. Cruelty either in form of democracy or dictatorship. Will not be tolerated. The religious demands of shia community has no link with politics, so it could not be bargained.

Ayatullah Al-Uzma the great jurist of Islamic world died on 29th of August. Agha Moosavi termed his death as a great tragedy for the whole Muslim world. His Majalis-e-Taraheem were also held in different cities on the appeal of Agha Moosavi.

Allama Tajuddin Haidery, the vice president of TNFJ while addressing a Majlis-e- Tarheem, being arranged by Mukhatar students Organization (MSO) Rawalpindi city, said those who are sacrificing the national politics for sectarianism are the eternal enemies of Pakistan ideology. The same passion and unity regardless of any sect, caste and school of thought as was at the time of Pakistan formation is the need of this sensitive situation.

The central political co-ordination committee of TNFJ for the forthcoming elections was set up and Syed Shuja'at Ali Bukhari was nominated its convener. On this occasion he said, "Ehtesab (Accountability) slogan by caretaker govt. is a great hindrance in the way of Oct 24 elections. Fair, just and neutral elections are the only solution of crisis".

Hafta-e-Wahdat-o-Akhuwwat (unity and fraternity week) was being observed through out the country as announced by Agha Moosavi from 12th of Rabi-ul-Awwal to 17th of Rabi-ul-Awwal. In his special message on this auspicious occasion Agha Moosavi said, "For the Elimination of disturbance, confusion and tension we should have to follow the supreme teachings of Holy prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H &H.P). Today Muslims are driven-out from door to door with their beggar-bowl in their hands. And this is because of disobedience of teachings of Holy prophet Muhammrl (P.B.U.H &H.P).

On September 17 Agha Moosavi addressed a press conference and announced ELECTION POLICY. He stated that Pakistan is an invaluable reward of continuous Islamic and democratic thinking and extreme efforts but unfortunately after the death of Quaid-e-Azam implementation of Islamic system was being neglected, democracy was being crushed, different kinds of biases were given place and country politics was declined as feudal and dictators enjoyed full powers during 42 years of Pakistan history. He said that Islam is our sole interest, which is not only a complete code of life but also a source of salvation, and it ensures resolving to each and very issue. According to the Article '2' of constitution 1973 Islam is the state religion of Pakistan.

Agha Moosavi while declaring his election policy said, " Shian-e-Haider-e-Karrar are not only patriotic citizens of Pakistan but also have a sincere role in its existence, prosperity and progress. That's why they are competent for voting and are free to use their vote in favour of those candidates who are the protectors of basic ideology of Pakistan, thinking of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, democracy and oppressed people, and those who are against sectarianism, groupism, martial law, dictatorship, oppression and hypocrisy". Answering a question Agha Moosavi said that TNFJ is against politics, which is based on sectarianism because such type of politics is against Pakistan's ideology, and Quaid-e-Azam's politics.

Expressing his viewpoint about accountability he said, "Accountability should not be partial and no one should be exempted from it. Along with people from all political and religious parties president of Pakistan must also be held accountable."

In response to another question Agha Moosavi said that sanctity of holy places is a joint issue of all Muslims, not only of few Arabs. He expressed his concern over the invitation of Saudi Arabia to America, which is anti Islam and this invitation made it clear that they (Saudi-Rulers) have their own interests. He said, Is Islam and holy places only in Saudi Arabia? No, but the holy shrines of holy persons are also in Iraq. What strategy has been adopted for their safety by Islamic countries up till now? The Arab monarchs who them selves demolished the holy shrines of Ahle-Bait (A.S) and Sahaba-e-Karam (R.A) (The companions of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH&H.P) how can they be the protectors of the sanctity of Makkah and Medina? They are making a noise just for the safety of their monarchy and identity. Otherwise we know very well how much respect and love they have for the holy places.

Agha Moosavi forceful demanded that American Army should come out of gulf immediately as its presence in Saudi-Arabia is a permanent danger for the Sanctity of holy places.

On 18th of September the Zealous worker of TNFJ Prof. Ata Muhammad Haidery was died. Agha Moosavi praised his services being rendered for the mission.

In the end of October, protest against the brutalities and blood shedding of Muslims in Palestine and Indian held Kashmir by Israel and India was staged during the gatherings in mosques through out the country as announced by Agha Moosavi. On this occasion the scholars in their speeches strongly condemned the Indian and Israeli cruelties and tyrannies over innocent Muslims. They urged the Muslim rulers to adopt a joint strategy for the liberation of Al-Quds and Kashmir.

Elections for National and Provincial Assemblies were held on 24th and 27th October. Mr. Nawaz Sharif was elected as a Prime Minister of Pakistan.

A big representative delegation of Shia personalities from Bangesh region called on Agha Moosavi in Rawalpindi at TNFJ headquarter---Ali Masjid. While talking to them, he said, "we know very well how to protect our belief, faith and ideology by giving it priority."

Agha Moosavi while addressing an important session of TNFJ office-bearers on October 29, stated: "TNFJ is not a political ally of anyone that's why it has not adopted the participation in any alliance or political party. Pakistani shias like patriotic citizens always stand by the side of truth and they will remain following this policy in future."

He said that those who are objecting the election results reserve their right to seek legal remedy. National integrity and progress is incumbent on politicians after elections. Agha Moosavi reiterated that he would continue his struggle for the protection of Millat-e-Jafariya's rights and elimination of dictatorship and hypocrisy. No one could push him back from this holy mission.

Many resolutions were also adopted in the session.

A resolution termed the efforts to root out sectarian, lingual and regional biases necessary as they are against the national integrity.

Another resolution called upon the govt. to provide equal nights to all schools of thought according to their respective beliefs instead of imposing one particular ideology in the country.

Agha Moosavi addressed a representative session of Matami (mourners) and religious leaders in Rawalpindi at Ali Masjid on 17th November. He made it clear that shia community would not accept the supremacy of any particular ideology and any legislation, system or shariat bill contrary to their religions beliefs. Agha Moosavi disclosed that Millat-e-Jafariya would prefer honorable death to dishonored life if such a conspiracy was hatched against them. He said that shariat bill was used just to create religious disturbance and tension in past in the country and its proposers and the experts of present govt. have accepted that it has been annulled. He urged that Shian-e-Haider-Karrar played a vital role at every stage of sacrifice from Pakistan movement to its emergence and till today. So we want our rights on equal bases. He reiterated that if govt. is sincere in enforcing shariat-e-Muhammadi in the country they should give equal rights to all Muslim brethren belonging to different schools of thought according to their own respective rights. Agha Moosavi reiterated his demand to implement the 1985 "Junejo-Moosavi agreement" for solving problems faced by the shia community. He said TNFJ is purely a religious organization, which is complying with its words, given to the nation on Feb 10, 1984 in All Pakistan Shia Convention in Dina city to crush the evil designs of disgracing the Millat. We always stand for upraising the prestige and dignity of Millat and will not hesitate to take any step for the protection for our rights and Azadari-e-Hussain (A.S)

Meanwhile a district level committee headed by Allama Zulfiqar Ali Jafari was formed to finalize its suggestions for practical steps to be taken by the TNFJ regarding Shariat Bill. Three other district level committees were also formed.

Syed Shujaat Ali Bukhari, the additional Secretary of TNFJ strongly condemned the unpleasant incident taken place on 25th Nov. in Jhang. In this context he contact with the Chief Minister of Punjab and said that both Shia and Sunni brothers are the strong arms of Islam and Pakistan. Congressi group is busy in mischievous activities to create tension and hatred between two brothers sunnis and Shias. He demanded the Punjab govt. to investigate this incident and arrest the culprits so to suffer for their evil deeds. He urged the nation to remain calm and peaceful and respect other rights and beliefs.

Mr. Irshad Ahmed Haqqani who is an intellectual journalist, in his article named as Nafaz-e-Shariat (implementation of Shariat) published in daily Jang on November 28, wrote about the policy of TNFJ regarding shariat bill as under:

" Most of the sunni, political and religious parties are the supporters of Shariat bill and they will try their best so that it be a law but Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya has expressed its safe guards about the bill. Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has said in a statement that supremacy of any particular sect or ideology in the country is not acceptable and all possible legal resources shall be used to resist the approval of any controversial shariat bill. According to Mr. Saeed Rizvi, central secretary public relations, TNFJ, a committee has been setup to finalize the suggestion for the future strategy of TNFJ in respect of shariat bill. He told that Agha Moosavi is scheduled to address the public meetings in connection with the public coordinating campaign. Only TNFJ does not hold a different view from private Shariat bill but also some other Shia and non-shia parties and organizations have safeguards about it."

Birth anniversary of Hazrat Imam Zain-ul-Abideen (A.S.) was observed all over the country including Azad Kashmir and northern Areas in the 1st week of December as announced by Agha Moosavi. In his special message on this occasion Agha Moosavi said that enforcement of controversial shariat bill in the garb of enforcement of Shariat and demand of making the country a state of an individual fiqh are harmful for Pakistan's territorial integrity. By demanding such things the elements are inviting the enemies of the country to take advantage of the situation. He called upon the electronic media to discourage the sectarian elements and to promote and invite those scholars who are striving hard for the promotion of unity and brotherhood among all sects of Islam.

On December 5, Agha Moosavi sent a letter to Mr. Nawaz Sharif, the prime minister of Pakistan in which he made it clear to him that there is no need of any Shariat bill in the presence of 1973 agreed constitution and converting Pakistan (which was established in the name of Islam so all Muslim brothers enjoy their equal rights on equal basis in this state) into a sectarian state after the approval of controversial shariat bill is not only against the basic ideology of Pakistan but also injustice to other schools of thought living in Pakistan. He warned him that this would create an unending strife in the country. He called for serious efforts to root out social evils from the society before the enforcement of shariat.

The copies of this letter were also sent to the president of Pakistan, all-governmental institutions, members of parliament, eminent politicians and national newspaper.

Agha Moosavi while addressing the second big session of country wide coordinating campaign, held in Ali Mosque Rawalpindi, warned that private shariat bill is a conspiracy to make the country a sectarian state which will be crushed forcefully and Millat-e-Jafariya would not give up its stand on this issue. He said that TNFJ would offer any sacrifice to counter the evil designs aimed at converting Pakistan into a sectarian state. He advised the rulers to transform their own lives in accordance with the teachings of Islam. He said that social evils have taken roots because of rulers and politicians hypocrite attitude. Before Islamization the social structure should be made Islamic and the source of crime closed. Root out unemployment, provide medical and educational facilities, shelter to the shelter less people and then implement Islamic laws. equal religious rights should be given to all Muslim brethren belonging to different schools of thought according to their own respective rights. But without changing the pattern of society the people were being terroised by Islamisation. The meeting warned the govt. of serious consequences if it tried to promote the beliefs of a particular ideology in the form of Shariat bill.

The participants of the session belonging to Chakwal, Attock and Jhelum district passed many resolutions regarding important national and international issue.

TNFJ resolved that no shairat bill contrary to the beliefs of Fiqh-e-Jafariya would be acceptable to the Tehreek.

A resolution called upon the govt. to provide equal rights as enshrined in Islam to all sects according to their respective beliefs. No one should be forced to accept the beliefs of another sect, the resolution added.

The meeting took serious notice of the electronic media policy which high lighted the activities of one particular sect only. It expressed concern over the lack of coverage of TNFJ viewpoint in the national press. A demand was made that equal representation should be given to all schools of thought on radio and TV.The participants of the meeting reiterated their demand to implement the 1985 Junejo-Moosavi agreement for solving problems faced by the shia community.

A delegation of Mukhtar Force (MF) Peshawar city called upon Agha Moosavi in the second week of December and presented him MF's working reports. Agha Moosavi praised the performance of MF Peshawar and said that MF is doing its duty to protect the holy places very well.

On December 25, Agha Moosavi visited Sialkot. There he addressed a big gathering in the central Imam Bargah and said that Shariat cannot be implemented but with true intention. Those who could not implement it upon themselves how can they enforce it on public? Rulers should transform their lives according to the teachings of Islam. He said that before Islamisation the social structure (man, society, education, finance, politics) should be made Islamic. Private shariat bill is a part of that conspiracy through which the constitution has been suspended, rule has been made strong with the help of 8th amendment and sectarianism has been fanned. The main objective of this bill is to spark off the strife among Muslims and then to prolong the rule. He said that Quaid-e-Azam's objective to form Pakistan was the establishment of an Islamic republic state for the welfare of Muslims instead of one particular sect's. He said that Pakistan came into being with the joint efforts of all schools of thought so imposition of one particular ideology in the country is against Pakistan's ideology. Our history is evident that we do what we have said. We just want our rights for which we will sacrifice every thing. He demanded that govt. should honor the May 21st 1985 Junejo-Moosavi agreement to solve our problems.

Earlier, the people on his arrival in Sialkot city warmly welcomed Agha Moosavi. He was brought to the central Imam Bargah Adda Pasroorian along with a big procession. The participants chanted exciting slogans on his arrival.

On December 26, Agha Moosavi addressed a press conference in Sialkot at the residence of Zahid Hussain Bukhari, district president TNFJ. He apprehended that the proposed shariat bill has been floated and was being vigorously pushed by those elements who wanted confrontation among the followers of various schools of thought in the country which phenomenon will be most detrimental to the very stability and integrity of Pakistan. This controversial bill, he added, aims at imposing Fiqh of a specific school of thought that is not acceptable. He said that Islam is being used as a step for political achievements, which is against the principles and preaching of Islam. He said that Quaid-e-Azam served Islam through politics but did not use Islam for politics, which is now being done by his followers and present leaders.

He urged the rulers to provide basic necessities to the citizens which according to the Islamic shariat is the foremost duty of the govt. claiming to be Islamic instead of trying to gain cheap popularity by such things. he advised the rulers to transform their own lives in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

He bitterly condemned the assassination of Iranian diplomat, Aqai Sadiq Ganji adding that the forces opposed to the creation of Pakistan are behind this incident who not only want to destabilize Pakistan but also intend to impair brotherly ties between Pakistan and Iran.