Aamaal of Zeeqa’ad (Ḏū al-Qaʿdah, ذُو ٱلْقَعْدَة)

Compiled By: Sayyeda Abeeda Tuza Zahra Moosavi Advocate

Zeeqa’ad is the eleventh month of Islamic calendar. It is one of those four months which are called Hurmat waley maheeney (the months in which Jidal-o-Qital is prohibited and they are Rajab, Zeeqa’ad, Zilhaj and Muharram). Syed Ibne Ta’uus has reported that it is the month in which prayers (Dua’as) get the certificate of fulfilment.

The importance ant fazeelat of a special namaz (salat) on Sunday of this month has been reported from Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H and his Aal). According to a saying of Hazrat Muhammed (P.b.U.H and His Aal) Allah will forgive the person who offers this salat, along with his ancestors and offspring. After taking bath and performing ablution this namaz is to be offered. It consist of four raka’at, in each rakat following sura should be recited:

Sura Hamd      <—>      once.

Sura Ikhlaas    <—>     thrice.

While muawwazatain (sura falaq and sura Naas) once then 70 times astaghfaar

(seeking forgiveness from Allah ) in these words :


once, is also reported.

After salam the following Dua’a has to be recited:

 “ O the Mighty, O the Forgiving, forgive my and all momeneen and momenaat’s sins, no one could forgive the sins but you.”

The first day of this month is the birth anniversary of Hazrat Masooma-e-Qum, the sister of Hazrat Imam Ali Raza (A.S) and daughter of Hazrat Imam Musa-e-Kazim (A.S). She was born in Madina Munawwara in the year 179 A.H. saying of Imam Ali Raza (A.S) about her(A.S)

 “he who visits Masooma (A.S) is as if he visits me” shows that she enjoyed a great status in the sight of Imam(A.S). Her mausoleum in Qum, in the city of Iran is resort of all.

11th of zeeqa’ad ha sbeen granted honour by the birth of Imam Ali Raza (A.S) on this date in Medina Munawwara in the year 148 A.H. This blessed day is announced by TNFJ to be observed as “Youm-e-Imam-e Zamin (A.S)”. Recitation of Ziarat-e-Jamia in this day is desirable (mustahab) (Mafateehul Jenaan may be consulted for ziarat)

 The night between 14 and 15 of this month is the night of blessings. A saying of Holy Prophet goes: “He who spend this night in Ibaadat will be equal in reward to those hundred fasting persons who have not committed any sin even for a while”. So you should pass your night in Ibaadat and dua’a because prayers (dua’as) are accepted by Allah in this night.

 Hasan bin Ali washa says  that it was 25th night of zeeqa’ad when he along with his father dine in the presence of Imam Ali Raza (A.S). at that time Imam (A.S) said:”. In this night Prophet Abraham and Prophet Jesus were born and earth was caused to lay from under the Ka’aba over waters. Allah has bestowed it fazeelat and preference, it is the night of blessings.”

25th day of zeeqa’ad is Eid Dahwal-arz (the day when earth was laid from under the Khana-e-Ka’aba over waters) it is the day when Ka’aba was fixed. A saying of a Masoom goes: “ Imam-e-Zamana Ajja lallahu Farajahu (A.S) will rise in this day and He(A.S) will fill the world with fairness and justice as it was filled with unfairness and oppression”.

This day is one of those four days, which are distinguished for the fazeelat of fasting.

Many aamaal of this day have been described, some of them are as under:

 ê  Taking bath;

 ê  Keeping fast;

 ê Performing Ibaadat and zikr;

 ê  Reciting ziarat-e-Imam Ali Raza (A.s) ( mafateehul-jenaan may be consulted)

 ê  And offering a special namaz (salat) early in the day which consist of two raka’at, in each  rakat sura shams should be recited five times after sura Hamd. And

 is to be recited once after salam then following dua’a:

“Who forgives the false steps forgive my false steps, O who fulfils the prayers fulfill my prayer, O Who listens the voices listen my voice and show Your Kindness to me and forgive my mischief and what I have, O the Glorious and Exalted.”

 Zeeqa’ad 29 is the day when Imam Muhammad Taqi (A.s) was martyred in Baghdad. At that time he was 25 years of age. His (A.s) place of burial is in kazmain sharifin, the city of Iraq. Recitation of Ziarat-e-Jamia in this day is sunnah. TNFJ observes these mourning days as “Ayyam-e-Taqw”. 

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