Tehreek Round Up

Ashurmartyrs40th 1425hijree

In connection with 3-day
Fortieth of Martyrs of Ashoora
Karbala, Kazmain, Quetta, Phalia

From the day one till this day, Prophets, Messengers, Awliya,
Saleheen, and selected people of Allah in all eras have been too desirous of
Martyrdom. Ergo, nearly 70 Muslims kissed martyrdom in the Battle of Ohd (3rd
Hijri), while Commander of Faithful Hazrat Ali ibn-e-Abi Talib (A.S.) got wounds
on his holy body so he expressed his desire for martyrdom in the respected court
of holy Prophet (SAW). Then holy Prophet (SAW) said:

أبشر ان شهادة من ورائك
“I give you glad tidings of Martyrdom.”

Thus Maula Ali (A.S.) remained waiting for Martyrdom for 36 years.
He is the first and the last personality in the world who declared while
embracing martyrdom:

فزت برب الكعبة
“By the Lord of Ka’abah, I have succeeded.”

So to say that martyrdom is a glad tidings and a key of success and
elevation. There is no death most pretty and greatest save martyrdom. In the
Battle of Ohd, some of the Muslims said as they were afraid and short-hearted:

لو كان لنا من الأمرشىء ما
قتلنا ههنا

“Had we were on truth we would not have been slain here (like that).”

قل لو كنتم في بيوتكم لبرز الذين
كتب عليهم القتل الى مضاجعهم

“(Those who were martyred in the battle field, they were not
slain for they were not on truth, but because this was the will of Allah that
the slain take rest on the bed of martyrdom – Tafsir al-Mizan) Had you stayed
in your homes, those of you who were destined to be slain would have gone to
their graves nevertheless.”

Commander of Faithful Hazrat Ali ibn-e-Abi Talib (A.S.) says that
he who runs from the battle, his life does not get longer, neither it is a
hurdle in the time of death. That is why a Masoom (A.S.) says: “O Allah! Make my
life successful and give me the death of martyrdom.”

Hazrat Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (A.S.) says: “By God every one of us is slain and
Martyrdom is the zenith of loftiness of humanity, that is why a saying of Masoom
(A.S.) goes: “Nothing is most sweeter than martyrdom, to be slain is our habit
and martyrdom is a blessing for us.”

Holy Prophet (SAW) and his Ahl-e-Bait (A.S.) taught their followers in this
manner that they never care for wealth and even their lives, while to utter word
of truth in front of oppressor is their habit. They say truth even on spear head
for elevation of Islam and survival of Shariah. They, with great desire and
willingness, consider colourful death a blessing for them, and struggle for
protection of ideologies a worship.

The oppressed nations and the Islamic World are at present confronted with
oppression and brutality of international colonial powers and allied forces, and
there is no region spared of Taghooti aggression in one form or the other
upsetting the peace and tranquillity of the whole world. Kashmir and Palestine
are under the Taghooti clutches for more than a half century, Afghanistan has
been targeted in the name of Usama and turned into “Khofistan” but Usama could
not found even then, Iraqi people were targeted in the name of Saddam and in the
garb of unearthing weapons of mass destruction.

After that, a new history of oppression and brutality was written by abusing the
Iraqi prisoners to the extent that Abu Gharib Jail was shattered owing to
intensity of oppression and inhuman brutality meted out to Iraqi prisoners, the
pictures issued of these brutal acts unveiled the so-called claims of America
and her allies viz. independence, freedom and human rights.

Today the international opinion is protesting against US President Bush for
inhuman oppression and America and her allies were forced to beg pardon but
despite that America was still following the non-cooperative policy and is using
all types of tactics to maintain her interests and supremacy of her agents in
Middle East and South Asia, biases are being promoted, seeds of hatred are being
sown and different States and Masalik are being pitched against each other,
enmities are being increased but she faced tough resistance everywhere.

If we desire to correct the Ummah, seek their welfare and survival from threats
then the only solution is to accelerate our practical struggle by following the
righteous path and consider the problems of all oppressed and have-nots as
problems and difficulties of them all.

Allah says in Ayah 75 of Surah An-Nisa:

وما لكم لا تقاتلون في سبيل الله
و المستضعفين من الرجال و النساء و الولدان الذين يقولون ربنا أخرجنا من هذه
القرية الظالم أهلها

“And why should you not fight for the cause of Allah and for the helpless
men, women, and children who say: ‘Deliver us, Lord, from this city of

A saying of Commander of Faithful Hazrat Ali ibn-e-Abi Talib (A.S.)

إن الجهاد باب من أبواب الجنة….
فمن تركه رغبة عنه ألبسه الله ثوب الذلّ…

“No doubt Jihad is a gate from gates of
Paradise… so he who turns his face from it with disgust, Allah disgraces him…”

Ayah 39 of Surah Al-Hajj says:

أذن للذين يقاتلون بأنهم ظلموا
“Permission (to carry out Jihad) is hereby given to those who
are attacked, because they have been wronged.”

The history stands witness that Islam always condemned aggression
and adopted defensive strategy.

This year, the oppressed people of Karbala-e-Moalla, Kazmain, Quetta, and Phalia
were targeted of suppression and brutality that is an act of open aggression and
naked terrorism.

We protest against this oppression as well as every atrocities being committed
against any oppressed including that of US-led collation forces against Iraqi
detainees, and while condemning it severely reiterate our resolve to fully
support the struggle of the oppressed world. We demand from all international
organisations including the United Nations, particularly the International Court
of Justice to take notice of these brutalities if they care for the protection
of human dignity and justice and fair-play, put all oppressors including the
American President Bush and his allies Tony Blair and chiefs of their armies
into the trial box, arrange pull out of allied forces from occupied States. If
this was not done, then oppressed nations and the Islamic World would be
justified to understand that all oppressions being carried out the world over
are being carried out under the umbrella and patronage of international

International organisations are under the obligation to ensure the honour and
dignity of the holy places on the Iraqi soil. Keeping peace in the occupied area
is the responsibility of the occupation forces but the allied forces interfered
themselves and committed desecration and aggression against holy places that is
condemnable. We demand to ensure the honour, dignity of the holy places, Maraje
Uzzam, Hoza Ilmia, and life and wealth of the people. The honour of Muslim heads
of States should be awakened otherwise it would be too late.

We call upon the government to initiate Anti-Terrorism Act for completely
rooting out terrorism, bring forth the Enquiry Commission Report of all
incidents including the Ashoora Day incident that took place in Quetta and give
the culprits exemplary punishment, stop the restricted groups to operate with
new names and lodge protest with their patron States on government level. The
people should recognise their friends and foes and remain fully alert, express
hatred against those who fan differences in schools of thought, and against
enemies of Islam and Pakistan.

While paying homage to Martyrs of Ashoora Day incidents on the occasion of their
Chehlum, we resolve not to let the blood of martyrs go waste, continue peaceful
struggle for achieving high objectives, keep continue condemnation of
aggression, oppression, and terrorism at every level, and priority will be given
to the interests of the nation, country, and Islam over all other things.

. Wassalam

Khakpaye oppressed world
Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi
Chief of the Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Pakistan
May 14, 2004

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