TNFJ holds nationwide protests against Blasphemy of Holy Prophet (saww) & Hazrat Sakina Bintul Hussain (as)

ISLAMABAD, 24 June 2022:           Youm e Ehtajaj i.e. the Day of Protest was commemorated on the call of Tehreek e Nifaz e Fiqah Jafariya to condemn blasphemy against the holy Prophet (PBUH&HP) in India as well as the blasphemous remarks against the young princes Sakina bint-ul-Hussain (A.S).

On this occasion, protest rallies were organized in all big and small cities and towns of Pakistan. Resolutions were passed against disrespect of Islamic heroes by Tanzeem Shia Aaima Masajid.

While addressing to the TNFJ’s Core committee in Headquarter Maktab e Tashayyo Quaid e Millat e Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said that the blasphemous incidents in Pakistan are aimed at providing relief to India. Foreign hand is involved in incidents like the blasphemy against Shehzadi Sakina bintul Hussain (A.S). International community must take notice of the Indian state oppression against those protesting against Blasphemy of the holy Prophet (PBUH&HP). Indian madness is a grave threat to global peace and therefore, must be stopped. Modi’s not saying a word against Tauheen e Risalat is a question mark. Modi’s silence proves that the butcher of Gujrat is abetting the perpetrators of blasphemy.

Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said that Shia-Sunnis are united against blasphemy of Mashaheer e Islam i.e. Islamic heroes. Not a single Muslim can ever imagine of disrespecting the daughters of holy Prophet (PBUH&HP). Blasphemy against the young Mujahida e Karbala has severely hurt every faithful follower of the holy Prophet (PBUH&HP). Kharijites are playing at the hands of terrorists and enemies and fanning the flames of Fitnah and Fasaad to fulfill enemy’s agenda. Government must clutch foreign agents and ensure action on all points of National Action Plan.

He said that how tragic is this that the houses of those protesting against blasphemy against holy Prophet (PBUH&HP) were bulldozed in India but none of the peace champions of the world spoke about it. Rising extremism and madness in India is a matter of concern for the whole world. Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said that the lives of certain forces developed during the last four decades is associated with Fitnah and Fasaad. Defeating such forces is not only the duty of government but every patriotic citizen and parties of Pakistan.

He said that our motherland is passing through a delicate situation and therefore, cannot afford any Fitnah or Fasaad. People must keep a vigilant eye on those trying to disturb the peace and harmony and thwart all kinds of conspiracies aimed at destabilizing Pakistan through unity and brotherhood.


Meanwhile, according to the information received in Headquarter Maktab e Tashayyo, voice of protest to condemn blasphemy against holy Prophet (PBUH&HP) and Ahl ul Bait (A.S), was raised in all big and small cities. Protest rally in Islamabad was brought out from Qasr e Khadeejatul Kubra (S.A) Tarlali Kalan which was led by Allama Basharat Imami. Protest programs were also held in I-9, Dhalyala, Sher Dhamiyal, and I-10. In Rawalpindi procession was brought out from Darbar Sakhi Shah Pyara Westridge that was led by Allama Matloob Hussain Taqi. Protests were also held at Qasr e Abu Talib Mughalabad, Imambargah Zain ul Abideen Satellite Town. Mukhtar Secretariat Shah Faisal Colony Karachi, Hazara Town Quetta, Azakhana Zahra Krishan Nagar (Islampura) Lahore, Ali Chak Gujrat, Darbar e Aal e Muhammad 45-Block Dera Ghazi Khan, Shamaila Imambargah Haiderabad, Azakhana Masoomeen Sukkur, Dargah Qalander Laal Shahbaz Sehwan, Bhit Shah Hazara Town, Mohalla Rassi Wattan Peshawar, and Sherkot Kohat including villages and Imambargah Habib Shah, Darbar Bewatan Sarkar Kakool Abbotabad, Imambargah Haidery in Bagh Azad Kashmir, Darbar Bawa Inayat Shah Wali in Muzaffarabad, Dars e Aal e Muhammad Faisalabad and many other places.

The protest programs demanded from the OIC to formulate a common strategy to stop blasphemy against holy Prophet (PBUH&HP) while also demanded to bring perpetrators of blasphemy against Ahlulbayt (as) in Pakistan to justice and ensure strict action on National Action Plan.

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